We provide a complete service for anyone needing sourcing services. Whether you just need sourcing for an existing product from a Chinese supplier or a complete China manufacturing solution or a key turn industrial project we can help you.

*Sara Co Ltd. provides the following services under 2 main divisions


  • Sourcing Solutions:

    • Sourcing for existing products
    • Sourcing for new products and suppliers
    • Sourcing for low volumes
    • Selection of manufacturing suppliers for larger volumes

  • Quality Assurance & Control:

    Sara Co Ltd recognizes that obtaining low priced products from China is only half the story. Professional and exacting quality control is the key element in ensuring that our customers come back again and again. To achieve this we look at each product which we source for customers from 5 QCPs (Quality Control Perspectives): Regulatory, Durability, Safety, Functionality and Cosmetic. Each type of product requires different issues of QC. Some may be purely cosmetic while others require comprehensive QC covering many or all of our QCPs.
    We also ask our customers for their quality control requirements together with drawings and regulatory documentation if required. We establish 3 quality fault levels: Critical; Major; and Minor. A QS (Quality Specification) is then produced incorporating the QCPs, fault levels and the client's information. This is sent to the customer for approval.

    Quality Control Testing:

    Depending on the customer's requirements QC inspections are carried out in any of the following stages:

    Pre-manufacturing evaluation:

    If the supplier is new to us we carry out a pre-order evaluation to ensure that the supplier is capable of producing the quality required. If the supplier is already known to us we may carry out a further evaluation if the product to be manufactured is not covered by a previous evaluation.

    During production:

    Depending on the product(s), requirements and/or instructions we may carry out QC inspections during production specially where different components are being produced and sub-assembled.

    Prior to shipment:

    Our main thrust of QC happens after product has been manufactured. Sara Co Ltd's QC team will inspect either sample quantities or complete production depending on the customer's requirements.

    Sample sizes:

    QC Levels and sample sizes depend on three criteria:
    Production volume
    Value of product
    Complexity of product

    Sara Co Ltd typically works on 3 QC levels:

    Standard, Enlarged and Total. Most of the time we apply our Standard QC plan. This specifies the number of permissible Critical (none), major and minor defects in a given sample. If more than the permissible defects are found in the sample our QC staff, then, either reject the entire batch or revert to a Total inspection of all units being checked.
    The Enlarged QC Plan is similar to the Standard Plan but is much more stringent in the number of permissible minor defects and a greater sample size. This is applied generally to high value or complex products. The Total QC Plan is a check on all parts being manufactured and or shipped. Sample sizes and defect limits are available to customers on request.


    All QC checks are documented and are available to customers on request.

  • Product development and engineering:

    • Engineering consulting for industrial projects
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Process and manufacturing development in China
    • Outsourcing manufacturing management

  • Custom Compliance:

    Compliance and requirements and rules from Customs and other regulatory agencies need to be considered at the initial stage of sourcing business, usually at the time of product development. Importer should never issue a purchase order without thorough study of the compliance issues and concerns related to the products they intended to import.
    Customs compliance may not just for the importer's side. It can be for the exporter's side as well. In this case, Sara Co Ltd works with customs brokers in China to help if there is any issue

  • Logistics and shipping to all parts of the world:

    Logistics operation of oversea sourcing involves many parties externally and internally. Externally the operation involves shipper, consignee, origin forwarder, origin broker, origin trucker, ocean or air carriers, destination forwarder, destination broker, destination trucker. Internally, from a consignee's perspective for instance, the operation would involve purchasing department, transportation department (domestic and international), warehouses, and accounting department (paying vendors and other service provider to get the shipment released).
    Sara Co Ltd develops integrated logistics solution for specific needs of our client's sourcing business. With many years of experience, we are confident about our ability to provide our customers with the most cost-effective logistics plan to move products out of factories in China and deliver to designated door in many countries.