Sourcing Solutions

Sourcing for existing products
Sourcing for new products and suppliers
Sourcing for low volumes
Selection of manufacturing suppliers for larger volumes


Quality Assurance & Control

Sara Co Ltd recognizes that obtaining low priced products from China is only half the story. Professional and exacting quality control is the key element in ensuring that our customers come back again and again.


Product development and engineering

Engineering consulting for industrial projects
Rapid prototyping
Process and manufacturing development in China
Outsourcing manufacturing management


Custom Compliance

Compliance and requirements and rules from Customs and other regulatory agencies need to be considered at the initial stage of sourcing business, usually at the time of product development.


Logistics and shipping to all parts of the world

Logistics operation of oversea sourcing involves many parties externally and internally. Externally the operation involves shipper, consignee, origin forwarder, origin broker, origin trucker, ocean or air carriers, destination forwarder, destination broker, destination trucker.


Sara Co Ltd.provides professional consulting services for sourcing products.
We provide incorporated sourcing solutions which include engineering, products development, business contract, production, quality assurance, inspection, customs appliance and logistics.

Integrated commerce capabilities and engineering are our specialty.
We have practical experience and solid knowledge about the commercial systems in China.

We evolve optimized sourcing solutions for purchase order management and logistics management through our supply chain visibility and control initiative.
We organize operation process, raise performance, minify wastes, and reduce risks for our customer's overall import operation.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,